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Final Fantasy XI: Odin Linkshell Halcyon

Odin's Royal Family

Odin Linkshell Halcyon
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Halcyon is one of the oldest English/North American linkshells [clans] of Final Fantasy XI, located on the server Odin.

Founded by Arianna and Rosey, [Rosey has since moved on to World of Warcraft with Tophy], it has seen nearly two years' worth of changes in the award winning MMORPG.

Currently led by: Arianna, Olorin, Ristin, Blkwidow, Shadir, and Linkstrife

Our membership has changed extensively since the creation of our original LS [12-2003]. Since its formation, the shell has been broken twice to keep track of our tight bonds and make sure only our active members continue to be recognized as part of the Linkshell.

We've done many events over the course the game since its release, and we're most famed for organizing regular Garrison* quests and contributing to the English speaking FFXI community by assisting those on other servers starting Garrisons with little or no experience of Alliances.

Membership to this community is open. You do not need to be a member to post to the community. This community is moderated by tornspacetime [Arianna/Bakemono].

Feel free to join or post even if you are not [or are not planning to be] a member of Halcyon. We will answer any game-related questions so long as they are relevant. We can also assist in technical problems related to FFXI if you need help.

Garrison quests ["runs"] are alliance-based field battles that are extremely difficult without 14 to 18 members. Success depends on a certain balance that takes some significant experience to make this one of the easiest sources of income in the game. See this high-res image: Garrison Massacre