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Hello. - Final Fantasy XI: Odin Linkshell Halcyon
Odin's Royal Family
Hi there everyone.

Just thought I would intoduce myself. I am Future Spud. Meatshield extrodanare. I stopped playing FFXI back in March 2005. I had a Level 53 Paladin. I realized the other day that I really missed playing. I went from FFXI to WoW to SWG. In that time, I disovered that no game felt like (or played like) FFXI. So, here I am. Back for more. My level 53 Paladin is broke, naked, and linkshell-less. Some of my friends are in this comunity (Hi guys!) and I will be using my old character Remoh. That's Homer spelt backwards. I am on the Shiva server at the moment and will be rebuilding my Paladin by using one of my lower levels to regain some fame and fortune. I may even just let the Pally rest and try something new. Sorry for my rant. I'll let my friends beat me for it later.

Future Spud
Level 53 Paladin
Remoh - "Meatshield of Comedy +5"
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From: (Anonymous) Date: February 3rd, 2006 11:54 pm (UTC) (Link)

hey remoh

hey man good to see you, yah good post. Well you shoudl get the hell out of shiva and come to odin. I will get you a world pass, am up to gtting your lvl's up. Let me know if you want to come over. Besides you know my phone number, call me!
From: (Anonymous) Date: February 4th, 2006 01:18 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: hey remoh

you bet. I'll be on tonight. I'll call you and see if you are around when i get home =)
From: trypnotized Date: February 4th, 2006 11:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
fucking stupid LJ messing up my posts and not posting them.. Here I go again.

lol. duuude so sweet that your coming back to FF, you really do need to come to Odin with Brett and I, lol (oh.. and this is Karina, in case you haven't already fingered that one out from the display pic... rofl)...

Anywho.. catcha later
futurespud From: futurespud Date: February 5th, 2006 04:50 am (UTC) (Link)

I have returned...

It's official...I am on Odin now. Level (shudder) 3 Galka Monk. I kept my 53 pally on Shiva though. Looking forward to parting with you. My name in Oden is Morbidfire. I'm gonna be working towards Dark Knight.
4 Saved the Children - Smash The Orcish Scouts [Comment]